How do I know if an article is peer-reviewed?


Peer-reviewed articles are written by experts in their field and are reviewed by other experts in the same field before they are published.  In addition to selecting the "peer-reviewed" option when running a search, there are other ways you can tell if an article is peer-reviewed or not.

1.  If you found the article using our main search bar, it will have a peer-reviewed icon.


2.  If you found the article in a library database, there may be an indicator that it comes from an academic journal.

3.  If you are in our library's databases, click on the article's record and look for the journal's name.  This is often a hyperlink, which will take you to a page with information about the journal.  


4.  Go to the publisher's website for the journal.  It should indicate there whether articles go through the peer-review process.  (Note:  An article can be from a peer-reviewed journal and not be peer-reviewed.  Editorials, news items, and book reviews do not necessarily go through the peer-review process.  Make sure the article is longer than just a page or two and that it has a References page.  

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